Madalama intressimääraga laenu abil kallima refinatseerimine säästab raha ja annab võimaluse oma laenud kiiremini ära tasuda

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. Functional cookies provide the ability to remember the user-selected settings and choices made, so that the user can use the website. This can be done with all cookies that are stored on the user’s computer, and most browsers can be set to block the storing of cookies on the device.

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. Accordingly, the legal basis for using cookies is user consent.

Analytical cookies are used to reduce the frequency of queries – to limit the collection of data on large stream websites. Kasutajatunnus Püsiparool Sisene Saada oma mobiiltelefonile Bigbank ID muutuvparool Palun kontrolli, kas kuvatud mobiiltelefoni number kuulub Sinule. These cookies are stored on the terminal equipment of the user till the moment when the web browser is closed. Unless stated otherwise cookies are stored while the activity is being executed for the purpose of which they are collected and they are deleted afterwards. The Company uses cookies to improve the website and its user experience, i.e. These cookies are permanently stored on the terminal equipment of the user. Analytical cookies identify the user’s terminal equipment only, but do not reveal the identity of the user. These cookies identify the user device, but do not disclose user identity, as well as do not collect or summarize information. Find out more at Saada Saatsime Sinu mobiiltelefonile Bigbank ID muutuvparooli, palun vaata seda sealt. However, it should be taken into consideration that the use of mandatory and functional cookies cannot be rejected, since without them it is not possible to ensure full use of the website. Deebetkaardid, olgugi mugavad makseviisid, ei tekita rahaga niivõrd reaalset seost, seega on keerulisem kulutamist kontrolli all hoida. Palun sisesta oma Bigbanki kasutajatunnus ja püsiparool. Information may be processed on a server that is not located in Latvia or in the European Union. This information is used for analysis to find out what interests the website's users and how the functionality of the website can be improved, making it more convenient to use. Contacts in case of inquiries about the use of cookies. to ensure the functionality of the website and/or to adapt the functionality of the website to the user’s patterns of use – including language and/or to obtain statistics on the flow of website visitors – the number of visitors and the time spent on the site. Ilma plaani ja nimekirjata võib poodi minnes paraku liialt hõlpsalt anduda ahvatlustele, olgu selleks küpsisekott või midagi kallimat. Palun sisesta Bigbank ID muutuvparool, mille saatsime Sinu mobiiltelefonile. Thus it helps to analyse the use of the site, to understand the activities of the visitors, and to enable the improvement and creation of a user-friendly website. However, in such case the user may need to manually adjust the settings each time he/she visits the website and, moreover, there is a risk that some services and features will not work. By closing this message window the user confirms that he/she has become acquainted with the information about cookies, their purposes of use and agrees to them. The user can control and delete cookies according to necessity. The website will not be able to function properly without these cookies, for example, to provide the user with the necessary information.


. When visiting the Company's website, option to enable or disable the cookies is displayed to the user in a window, notifying that cookies are used on the website. The security settings of any web browser provide the possibility to restrict and to delete cookies. Madalama intressimääraga laenu abil kallima refinatseerimine säästab raha ja annab võimaluse oma laenud kiiremini ära tasuda. servers located in many countries around the world.

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. If the user does not want the Company to receive information about the activities of the user on our website, you must activate the Google Analytics Opt-out Browser Add-on plugin. Depending on the functions to be performed and the purpose of use, the Company uses mandatory and/or functional and/or analytical cookies