Such a guarantee is now much more common; Envestio, Crowdestor and Kuetzal all offer it under some form.

Crowdestor review - More than just a real estate.

.. Meie pisikeses Eestis ei ole haridus kellegi jaoks piiratud ja kõigil on võimalus end arendada.

Crowdestor review : a new real-estate crowdfunding.

. Sama kehtib isegi kellegi heaks töötamise puhul. Crowdestor. Additionally, the recent introduction of a buyback fund has increased the safety for investors. Crowdestor. The platform’s main drawback is that most loans sell out very quickly.Kuetzal is the most recent addition to my real-estate and business loans platforms.Although it doesn’t cover all loans, the platform offers a buyback guarantee.


. Väldi impulsi ajendil tehtavaid oste. These two aspects make Kuetzal an excellent complement to Envestio or Crowdestor.

This Crowdestor review is updated on a regular basis, even though I didn’t invest yet. I’m still following the platform. You quickly get an overview of their current investment opportunities but only basic knowledge about their platform.