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I've finished the baby sweater but I'm still working on the child size.  Then I'm done. They are easier to see in this closeup. Here are photos of the completed seams. Halloween was last week.  Jan brought a present for George.  You can tell he isn't thrilled.  It is a fish hat. Kui sa ei oska midagi hetkel teha, täienda end.

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. Mul pole piisavalt raha säästmise jaoks; Ma ei saa kunagi võlgu tasutud; Ma ei jaksa seda kunagi osta; Ma ei oska seda teha jne. Here is a video of this technique:  Knit Stitch to Purl Stitch I'm not sure I will be having Salon this weekend.  I hope to be putting the finishing touches on the Fall issue.

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This just pulls the yarn from the previous stitches and causes an even bigger tension issue. Here is a video showing this technique:  Knitting Salon Current Projects The colors in the photo above are more accurate but here is what it looks like at the cast on. The Stitch Anatomy article is about elongated stitches. This one is a cover up.  I envision it being worn over yoga clothes. This is the Confident Beginner garment to accompany the Skill Building article on WS decreases.  That lace at the bottom doesn't have any plain rows.  I love it.  Thank you Barbara Walker. Kui tahad sissetulekuid kasvatada, otsi võimalusi, kuidas investeerida või teenida lisaraha. The bottom of the sweater & cuffs are the sea foam pattern.  The Special Topics in Finishing article is about sewing on buttons which I better read before I put on these buttons. I loved Leslie's article on Puntas so I designed this top to use the intarsia technique but added the bottom border.  Puntas are really fun.  I plan to use them again.

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. The photos below show the start of the seam on the smooth side and on the bumpy.  This shows the technique. Laenusumma ennetähtaegne tagastamine ehk laenu varem tagasimaksmine. Kas pangahoiusel säästmine aitab koguda pensionipõlveks?.. Here is a caveat.  I was teaching and a student told me this did not work and demonstrated for me what she was doing.  She was not bringing the yarn forward.  She was yanking it forward and then giving another really hard pull. Kõik on võimalik, aga ainult siis, kui sa sellesse usud ning ainult siis, kui sa muudad oma suhtumist rahasse.  I'll be able to post photos when I post again. I'm hoping to finish up the rest this week. Arenda end edasi